Phillip has worked extensively on multi-faceted communications campaigns across various industries. Most recently, he has served as the head of an internal creative agency for a global charity. Chiefly responsible for management of all creative assets to include developing integrated marketing campaigns, creation of all collateral material for both awareness and fundraising, and providing global brand management and oversight across the organization.

Before joining the charity, Phillip worked for an agency as the in house expert and leader for all client creative solutions, collaborating with all teams to develop and launch traditional and digital communications while integrating social media activities and communities into broader marketing campaigns.

With regard to his personal background, Phillip is a gay Ecuadorian-American, and the merging of Ecuadorian and American cultures through his life have resulted in the birth of his constant exploration of the meaning of multiculturalism.  He finds that celebrating his heritage has allowed him to be fully present in his travel, work and social connections and through this, create work that has an influence beyond artificial social constructs.

Phillip embraces and understands the impact and importance of design in everyone’s daily life - especially how design can be a non verbal cross cultural connector.

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